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Updating the Blog again, yay!

So, I had a friend who was updating my blog for me the first few hundred days of Walk The Parks and I’m super thankful for this. Then, he was busy and couldn’t anymore. Makes senses.

Now, with this post, I think I’m finally able to update from My phone which means I’ll be able to do this while on the trail which makes me super excited!

you know what else gets me super excited? Lots of things! Finishing Walk The Park, planning the next leg, enjoying life in beautiful Aspen, CO, meeting new people, oh the list is big!

anyway, I hope this test works! I’m furiously working and planning for the next leg of my journey and I’m sooooo freaking excited!!!

i did a couple talks recently about my trip and it felt so good! I need to do more!

ok rambling over!

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