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I'm super excited to be on this crazy, huge adventure! Come hike with me. Send a positive message. Donate.  Invite me over for dinner.  I'll provide excellent stories in exchange.


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Blake's Bio and Past Trips

Hi!  My name is Blake Robinson.  I am Walk the Parks!  I'm a super happy go lucky, big grin on my face all the time kind of guy.  Haha, am I? Maybe not ALL the time... I love adventure, particularly long distance hiking.  There's just something about having a ridiculously large goal that you can make small bits of progress towards every single day and then over months, you've accomplished so many small goals, and eventually the huge one is complete. Also, I find I really appreciate all the "little things" so much more if you go without them, as tends to be the case on long walks.  If it rains for hours or days on end, that first bit of sunshine is all the warmer. If it's windy and you finally get inside, you have a huge new appreciation for walls. Yes, walls! If you eat some bleh camping food for a week, then you come into a town with vegetables and all sorts of other amazing foods, they taste all the better. All of this seems a bit more real somehow, compared to the office grind, and the tendency to criticize, rather than appreciate. I have been lucky to have some pretty cool jobs and work with some amazing people, but if you ask yourself honestly if everyone in some random meeting would have been better off taking a walk outside for an hour instead, I think offices would have a lot more outside time... I feel like the most ME when I'm outside. Rather than watching an adventurous tv show or movie, why not make my own adventures? Eventually, shouldn't one listen to some of the cliches: you only live once, chase your dreams, follow your heart, if I only had 1 more year, if I were a billionaire I'd...  

In summary: I like to be outside. I hope you pursue whatever you like to do!


Click on the links below to read my journals from the previous trips!

3,000 mile hike connecting 13 National Parks from Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, immediately followed by a full Appalachian Trail Northbound Thru Hike, exploration of Acadia and Isle Royale National Parks, then 30 days below the rim of Grand Canyon (500 Days! July, 2017 - December, 2018)

Appalachain Trail Southbound Thru Hike

Adventures in Nepal

Pacific Crest Trail Mexico Agua Dulce and AD to Donner Pass

Collegiate Loop with all 12 14er summits

Northville Lake Placid Trail Northbound Thru Hike

Bike Tour Flagstaff, AZ to Durango, CO with a side of Utah in July/August!

Continental Divide Trail - Canada to Helena, MT

Appalachian Trail Hanover, NH to Kathadin, ME

TONS of shorter trips around CO and UT

So much time in the Grand Canyon: 20 day raft trip, over 100 nights below the rim!

Over 1,000 ski days in and around Aspen Snowmass, Colorado



Contact Me:

Blake Robinson/Walk The Parks


197 Elk Mountain Dr

Redstone, CO 81623