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7/13/18 Day 355 AT Day 114 RPH Shelter: Trail Volunteer Day!

Miles: 0 Steps: 11,220 Elevation Gain: 0 feet Woke up to a beautiful day! Blue skies and sunny! Last night when I arrived I met a group of folks who were organizing a 3 day trail volunteering barbecue. I decided I’d take a day off from hiking and do some trail volunteer work. What better way to give back to the trail while connecting with folks from the surrounding communities. Plus, they were really nice and provided 3 tasty meals! Breakfast of donuts and orange juice was followed by a full day of cutting trees apart and clearing the debris. In the hot sun. It was super exhausting. But rewarding and the people I worked with were super cool. And we could take lots of breaks which was needed in the 90 degree heat with 90% humidity. Lunch was some tasty sandwiches and potato salad and sodas. Mmmm. I met a gentleman named Chuck and he is just fantastic! Super excited about everything, very high energy, incredibly talkative. Had a pet raccoon (yup!!!), made the halfway marker on the Appalachian Trail, thru hiked in 1985, and an all around amazing guy! You’re the man Chuck, it was great to get to know you and I hope our paths cross again! Great dinner of chicken, hot dogs, and hamburgers, thank you so much! Chatted with hikers for quite a while then listened to Chuck talk about all sorts of welding and other great stories before heading to bed. A bit sad, but excited to leave tomorrow. Into the heat I shall hike!

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