7/3/18 Day 345 AT Day 105 High Point State Park to Unionville, NY and amazing trail magic from Doug

Miles: 10.3

Steps: 23,268

Elevation Gain: 1,033 feet

Well, today was amazing in so many ways! First, I heard back from my friend Doug who I used to work with in Aspen. He lived in the area and was willing to pick Murph and myself up for some adventure at his place in Beacon, NY! Awesome!

We hit the trail and it was again oppressively hot. Within just a couple of miles though, we saw a sign that read something like “Beach, Snack bar, swimming 1/4 mile” with a big arrow. Hmm, should we go? Should we ever!

The swimming was great, nice grassy area in the shade to hang out in, snack bar was tasty, what else can you really ask for on a hot day? We lounged for quite a while before we needed to move along to meet Doug in Unionville.

A couple miles from our final destination for the day it started pouring! Neither of us had ever felt happier in the rain! When it’s mid 90s and humid, rain feels incredible! The super close lightning? Definitely could have skipped that…

We made the short walk into town and now we were waiting for Doug to whisk us off for a 4th of July adventure. Wit’s End Tavern in Unionville, NY is awesome! They were super welcoming even though we were soaking wet. We changed in the bathroom and then the real adventure began! It was the owner’s birthday and they gave us not 1 but 5 pieces of birthday cake! And a plate of watermelon! And the beers were super cheap! And the food was amazing! And then someone bought us beers! So freaking awesome!

Doug came and picked us up and took us to his home about an hour away. We took showers, then hung out pretty late and chatted with Doug and his wife Christina. Easy to talk to, great people. Thank you so much for your hospitality, you’re both top notch!


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