6/20/18 Day 332 AT Day 94: William Penn Shelter to Boiling Springs, PA

Miles: 30.9 Steps: 61,151 Elevation Gain: 2,946 feet Yet another incredible day on the Appalachian Trail! My longest day yet at over 30 miles! Less than 3,000 feet of elevation gain is a testament to how mild terrain is here in PA. Met a really cool couple 20 or so miles into the day. The just started their thru hike and used to be teachers. I told them about my trip and they were really cool to talk to! Thanks for being cool! The last few miles were a little rough on my body. Felt some foot pain in my right foot, hopefully that doesn’t develop into anything. Very steep final mile into town! Port Clinton is nice to hikers in that they have a pavilion that we can camp in right in town! Very cool! I headed to the pavilion and on the way there’s even a vending machine with soda kind of awkwardly places alongside the road. Thanks so much! I ran into a bunch of hikers I knew and some I didn’t at the Pavilion. Some nice folks had left some chips, Pepsi, and grilled chicken in a cooler, thank you so much! A woman drive by and gave a couple beers to us! A man, Tom Kennedy, cane and offered me a ride to and from Walmart in the neighboring town tomorrow! I met a really nice woman named Stump and we chatted for quite a while. Great life in the pavilion! I rigged my tent up using chairs, benches, and a picnic table along with my trekking poles. It looked pretty funny, but worked well enough! The only downside to the Pavillion is that it’s between a fairly busy highway and some train tracks. This made it hard to get good sleep. Oh well, I had an amazing night!

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