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5/5/18 Day 286 AT Day 46:  Day off #1 in Pearisburg

Miles: 5 Steps: 17,975 Elevation Gain: 358 feet I love Angels Rest Hiker Haven! Such a cool place to spend some time! It’s clean, has a huge hiker area including full kitchen, tons of movies, covered porch, and the staff not only is awesome but also lets you do your own thing, rather than breathing rules down your throat. The day started with a walk to a diner, Walmart, Goodwill, and the “outfitter”. I went with Rocket Man, an 18 year old who can out cook just about anyone I’ve ever met. 19, great person I’ve gotten to know well on the trail, super cool. And Minnesota, another cool hiker with a great sense of humor. It scared me a bit that almost no one was in the diner on a Saturday morning, but the food wasn’t bad and the prices were cheap. At Goodwill Rocket Man bought a $3 leather jacket and I bought a book. We all bought various items at Walmart. I bought a lighter rain jacket as mine isn’t working the best that I currently have and it’s only $15 to try this new one. Back to the hostel for more relaxing. It is Cinco de Mayo so we headed to the Mexican restaurant. Very tasty and reasonably priced! Rest of the day was more relaxing. I love it here so much that I think I’ll take a full another day off!

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