5/4/18 Day 285 AT Day 45:  Pearis Cliffs into a Pearisburg and the Town Vortex

Miles: 11.2 Steps: 25,476 Elevation Gain: 683 feet I took off early today: on the trail before 7am and I only had a few minutes into Pearisburg. The first stop? Hardees for breakfast. It was fast food, but pretty enjoyable! I ran into some hiking friends and we all left Hardee’s and headed to Angels Rest Hiker Haven, a truly amazing place! The rest of the day consisted of doing the typical hiker in town things: grocery shopping, eating, relaxing. Hung out on the porch of the hostel for hours with other hikers. Good times! The forecast tomorrow is for rain and more rain. Pretty much every single person here (probably 30 of us) decided to stay and take a day off tomorrow. Ended up staying up until almost 2 o’clock in the morning with hiker friends new and old! Haha, that’s quite the rarity!

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