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4/29/18 Day 280 AT Day 40: Brisk Hike to an all you can eat buffet!  And trail magic 2 Times!!!!

Miles: 19.8 Steps: 44,701 Elevation Gain: Strava Knows! Faith in Humanity: Two instances of trail magic today! First, a church had 3 big bins set up in an old one room school house with a whole variety of items. Next, a woman paid for my lunch without even telling me! Thank you so much!!!! I was on the trail by 6:15 which is pretty early for me. I felt good so I thought: why not try to make the all you can eat buffet that’s 12 miles away at 11am? I arrived just in time! Sweet! I ate soooo much meatloaf! And sooo much country fried steak and mashed taters and gravy and peas and corn and salad and fried okra! So tasty! Then I went up to pay and was informed that a nice woman who I briefly chatted with had actually paid for my meal! She was long gone so I didn’t get a chance to thank her. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!! I was hoping that the resupply would be a bit better, but the two gas stations provided sadly didn’t add much nutrition to my diet... there’s a larger grocery store in the next town Pearisburg, so I can her more healthy food there. I eventually hiked out after an extended break after eating, chatting up other hikers as I tend to do. I walked about 3 miles and took a super long break at a previous shelter location. Chili dog came by and we cheered in hikers as they passed. The former shelter now was kind of bleacher type seating, right in front of the trail, so it was only natural to cheer. Great times! Eventually I left and walked the beautiful ridge to camp. I’m so happy this year is such a late spring: provides so many views through The leafless trees. Camp was awesome when I arrived: a fire going and 10 or so really cool hikers. We enjoyed the fire, comradely, and again had just an incredible time chatting, relaxing, and eating. Could I reemphasize how much I like it out here? Sure, it’s just several folks sitting around the fire, but the positivity and awesomeness abounds! Can’t wait to see the amazingness that tomorrow will bring!

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