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4/23/18 Day 274 AT Day 34: Zero Day in Damascus, VA

Miles: “0” Steps: 8,080 Elevation Gain: “0” feet Faith in Humanity: Roy, my long lost hiking friend is letting me stay with him and he’s awesome! Great to see you again, my friend! I kind of struggle at taking days off. All this constant motion each day just gives me so much energy, I want to keep moving! I woke up at The Place hostel and decided I wanted to stick to my word. I asked about trimming the bushes and before I knew it I was outside clipping away. I’m no expert at the task, and I trimmed the first one probably way too short. Oh well, it’ll grow back for sure! I did all the bushes in the front of the hostel/house before it started to rain pretty hard. Nice to spend a couple of hours helping out! Next, I found my friend Roy! I last saw him in 2007 when I camped with him, Sam (Oblivious), Burt (Skipper), and Lone Wolf at a shelter just South of Damascus. It snowed pretty hard and we had a big fire but it was sooooo cold! Roy and Burt decided to get off trail. Apparently Roy has been living in Damascus ever since! He immediately invited me in and we caught up. So nice to catch up with an old friend. Roy is now in his 60s, incredibly intelligent and well read, and lives about as simple a life as one can. He quickly invited me to spend the night in his spare bedroom if I wanted. Sure! I grabbed my stuff from The Place and returned to Roy’s House. An interesting collection of locals came over throughout the evening. I love how accepting and nice a person Roy is: great guy!

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