4/11/18 Day 252 AT Day 12: Sunny, Easter, April Fools, Mountains

Miles: ?? Steps: 36,439 Elevation Gain: feet Faith in Humanity: Amazing soda, turkey sandwich, and candy Trail Magic! Thank you!!! Steep today! Really steep! Left “early” at 8:30 or so at the shelter, but only s couple people had left already, crazy! Steep climb up to the beautiful summit of Cheoah Bald, then a big series of steep ups and downs, before crossing a road. A bit tired and sore just thinking about it! Beautiful though... At the Road there were picnic tables and a few other hikers so I hung out for a bit and snacked. Some people pulled up, got out of their car and told us the bad food! Tasty turkey, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. And soda and Easter candy! So good! Thank you so much! Fully powered up I hit the trail and it was so steep! Crazy kind of! The AT is just so steep in some places! I was dehydrated today. I made it about 15 miles and was planning on doing another 6 but I had really low energy and thought it best to just relax. Camped at Cable Gap Shelter with Dog Whisperer, Reboot, Düsseldorf, Wiki, Fox Trot, and ooh can’t remember her husbands name. Great peeps. The Green family stopped by and were super interested in our hike. You guys were cool! Next 6 kids ranging from 8-14 years old and there fathers cane for an hour break or so. Nice to chat with them for sure. Nice to chill out with everyone in a non crowded shelter area! Finally entering Park #14 tomorrow! Yes!


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