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Day 204: Bass Trail is not the most amazing thing at all, you shouldn’t come to the Grand Canyon, th

Didn’t Journal at all yesterday! Crazy! Been slacking since I haven’t been hiking I guess! Been around so many people socializing too, that I find I’d rather socialize then just pass out in my tent rather than take the time to journal. I’ll get back in the daily routine when I’m back to hiking: that’s a promise! We had planned to camp at Bass camp the day before yesterday, but we just couldn’t make it. We camped at a smaller site that I actually thought was pretty cool. I tried to hike a bit up the canyon, but it was very rocky and scrambly, not very walkable. Beautiful though, as usual. We decided only to raft a couple of miles down to Bass camp yesterday then take a full day off! So excited because there’s a trail there with the description “the quintessence trail of the Grand Canyon!” Sign me up! We stopped and checked out an old abandoned boat just before arriving at Bass. Kind of cool I suppose, but also kind of garbage. What’s the difference between an artifact of times past and garbage? Time I guess. The Indian Anasazi ruins are over 1,000 years old so that’s respectable. A boat from 100 years ago doesn’t impress me as much. It was still cool though, so the battle on my mind about relic vs. garbage will continue on another day... We nicknamed Bass camp (rhymes with grass) by calling it “Baas Camp” B-B-BB- BAAS. How low can you go? Anyone ever listen to those Bass cds way back in the day, designed for high end stereo systems? That is what we mocked, and it sure was fun! A few members of the group took it upon themselves to get as drunk as possible. One person feel out of the raft and onto his head for one of the worst dismounts possible. Pretty funny! The rest of the group, myself included, went on a beautiful loop hike that was really enjoyable. Beautiful canyons, cool stream, astounding views. The usual. My plan was to go to bed and wake up and hike! It was super cloudy when I woke up and it was a very cloudy day, rain was threatening for sure. I was on the trail, solo, at 7am. I was a little surprised no one wanted to join me (guess they’ll come back next month? Oh wait....) The “Quintessential Grand Canyon Trail” lived up to its expectations. So many views, colors, awes, splendor, beauty, grandeur, everything! How do you really describe the amazingness that is the Grand Canyon? It did rain on me a couple times, but nothing too hard. I was a little tiny bit concerned about flash flooding, especially since the trail is almost entirely in the bottom of creek beds, but realistically the rain was snow higher up and therefore not much concern for floods. I went at a slow, relaxing pace. I enjoyed watching a little red frog. It ended up raining fairly hard at the end. Mr. Bass apparently lived at the Grand Canyon, did some farming, guided some guests down, the works. Where he camped was along the trail and there was quite a bit of remaining items: coffee pots, can, and such. It was neat to imagine life for him and his clients and what it must be like to live there for an extended period of time. Me? I’d love to try! One other thing of note: Someone stole a snickers bar from me! As in, they opened up my personal dry box and searched through it and took one. I noticed things were disheveled in the box but then thought “there’s no way someone would do that!” How lame that someone did. I mean on the one hand it’s a snickers bar, who cares. But on the other: who goes through someone else’s things for really no reason? Pretty much a total jerk move! That would cause many people to take drastic action. Whatever though, I know they feel really bad about it. Still just weird though.... 10 more days to go, we reached the halfway point!

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