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3/22/18 Day 242 AT Day 2: it’s crowded and awesome out here!

Miles: 18 Steps: 41,319 Day 2! Great success! Sooo cold last night! And really windy. Oh my oh my! I woke up a few times from the cold but survived. Not the greatest night sleep, but hey, who chose to sleep at the top of a mountain? This guy! Woke up a bit slow today. The sun stared rising and the extra heat in the tent felt so good! Plus, I’m not in a rush, so why rush? I was the first person to leave camp, I think. Surprising at it was 9am, unsurprising because it was so much a cold night last night and this is pretty much everyone’s day 1 of the hike. I met an assortment of cool people: Irish: almost 75, took 6 days to reach mile 12 of his hike. Super happy guy! Eric: from Hawaii, his birthday today (I encouraged a whole bunch of people to sing him happy birthday at the shelter at the end of the day.). Great guy. Electrician Hannah: Pretty ridge runner who gets paid to backpack. I can’t imagine what it’s like to deal with all the they hikers this time of year! Most are great but some have no clue or are honestly a danger in some ways. Mother and daughter: I got my first Trail Magic today!!!!!! 2 clementine oranges and they sure were tasty! Thank you so much! You were both awesome to chat with! Can: Trail Name I gave a hiker who was carrying an abandoned bear canister she found on the side of the trail. Never got to tell her the name though... none to talk to during my soup lunch Kyle: nice guy I met hanging at the shelter tonight. So many more: Chuckleberry Finn, Ken, beautiful girl who loves beer and skiiing at shelter (how could I forget that?), noodles, so many more. Having an amazing time out here. So fun to chat everyone up. The shelter was almost a bit overwhelming with so many people, in camped directly directly next to two other tents which is funny. I love it out here, so much fun!

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