Day 200: Grand Canyon Day 7!  2/8/18

Woke up at 4:40am today! That’ll shock the systems a tiny bit! Why? To hike the Carbon Lava Chular Caynons, of course! This came highly recommended from my beautiful roommate Erica in Flagstaff. A really cool hike! I was a bit surprised we didn’t camp at the upper camp so more people could do the hike and that no one else wanted to wake up for it, but hey maybe they’re planning on being back here soon? Maybe I’m insane because of how much I like to be outside exploring new places? Not sure! We hiked out in the dark. Fun and adventurous to find our way. Up Lava canyon we went, first almost tumbling down a creek bank, both obtaining some bruises. This hike was pretty amazing: beautiful wide open 360 views in the area connecting the two canyons. Carbon Canyon had all sorts of cool rock shakes, was quite narrow and really unique and cool. We wanted to linger for quite a while, but needed to get back so the others weren’t waiting too long for us... Super glad Mike and I woke up for this: super sweet! Today I rode on the bow of Shawn’s boat with Andrew in the back. We had quite a fine humorous trip, as usual. We got to camp early today and camped at 75 mile canyon. We camped in the exact same place I myself did a couple of weeks ago when I did my Tanner Trail to Escalante Route to Grandview Hike. Beautiful big sandy beach! Pretty much the whole group went on a hike up 75 mile canyon Which is really narrow and cool (like seemingly everything in the Grand Canyon!). Good times were had. I was on the dinner making team this evening and we had 4 salads for dinner! I do like salads, don’t get me wrong: but 4 for dinner??? A bit absurd and a bit of a pain finding all of the ingredients! Humorous overall though. Scary Rapids are tomorrow. The highest ratings of the trip so far has a few of the group a little uncertain. I’m super excited to experience what’s called “the inner gorge”. Should be sweet!

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