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Day 198:  Grand Canyon River Trip Day 5: Another large red stone wall or two

River Miles: 15 Steps: 8,047 Wildlife: Bald Eagle, herons, How many people go on a trip with people they don’t really know (or do know quite well) and spend 20 days almost non-stop with 12 people? Crazy! You end up in very close proximity pretty much 24 hours per day! Thankfully, everyone on this trip is pretty chill, patient, and understanding. I can’t imagine what a trip would be like with clashing personalities the whole time; guess we do have a long time to go still though! Hoping for the best. Rode with Matt and Tree today: both great guys! I took the Captain seat for a while and Matt taught me a lot about reading the current and gave some good rowing techniques. Tons of fun! The Grand Canyon is so damn Grand because it just never stops! The scenery is seriously unreal! Huge, beautiful, towering canyon walls seem to go on forever and ever! I absolutely love it.

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