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Day 138: 12/9/17 Beaver, UT to Milford , UT

Miles: 28 Steps: 55,613 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 100 oz. Wildlife: Cattle, rabbits, horses, mountain lion hunting dogs Faith in Humanity: one gentleman stopped and asked if I was ok and if I wanted a ride. And in Milfkrd they totally hooked me up: 3 free nights of lodging! Thank you so much! Another day! Woke up early and hit the hotel breakfast pretty aggressively. Too many hotels lately, but I sure do love when they have an amazing breakfast! I actually disliked something: the eggs were just weird and horrid! The potato’s though: mmmmm! And they had maple cinnamon batter for waffles, also mmmm! You have no idea how excited I get for food! I love it! Seems like all long hikes at some point you get feverishly hungry and it just never stops! All you can eat is just incredible! After it was bright enough for cars to see me (since I was walking on paved roads the first few miles) I started walking. Some waved, lots stared, the norm of road walking for me. There were some cool farm houses as I left town, and lots of cattle. Eventually I made it to “the pass road” which I’d remain on pretty much the entire rest of the day. Dirt Road, but in pretty good condition for 2wd vehicles for most of it. Pretty cool shaped mountains. I’ve been really impressed with the past few days. Beautiful mountains but really not many trails and those that do exist are very sparsely used. It’d be fun to be an adventurous soul living around here to go and bushwhack and explore all around. Not as photogenic as some more majestic ranges, but gorgeous nonetheless. Ah, beautiful mountains! I saw a whole bunch of dogs and immediately got a little bit anxious. But the owner drove down the road and said “I don’t think they’ll bother ya, but if they jump on ya just push them away.” Fair enough. I asked what he was hinting since all of the dogs had gps collars. “Lions” he said nonchalantly. Cool. I wished him luck and continued the hike. Eventually I made it to Soldier Pass and was really captivated by the mkuntain to the West (Harkley Mountain, maybe?) it’s be cool to come back some day and climb it. I walked and walked and eventually took a long break before making the final push to town. I passed a Family Dollar and went in. I picked up some microwaveable food in an effort to save money on meals and bought a few other fairly unhealthy snacks. I continued on to the hotel. The hotel also has a 24/7 Diner right next to it. I went in and inquired about the room that was prearranged for me but was told I just missed the woman I needed to speak with. Hmm what to do? Might as well eat a meal, I suppose! Calories for each dish were provided ok the menu so I sought out the highest items, obviously. Chicken fried steak, French fries, a cup of soup and a sundae to top things off! Sure was a great way to start my stay. Thank you so much for letting me stay at the Oak Tree Inn! I should write them a bunch of 5 star reviews or something. Very cool! Up next: relax! Ahh. A bed. A hot shower, normal life is super luxurious, I hope everyone appreciates it!

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