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Day 136: 12/7/17  Day off in Circleville, UT

Miles: 0 Steps: 453! Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Cute, friendly little dog who hung out with me for a few minutes while I was outside today. Good doggie! Faith in Humanity: Hotel owner was really nice and encouraging about my journey, thank you! Well today I slept in as late as I could. I made it until almost 8am! That was pretty surprising. I went outside and the wind was really whipping! My options were: 1) hike but don’t go too far because private property occurs after 14 miles or so and camp high up in the cold or 2) take the day off and lounge around. I chose #2. And what a restful day I enjoyed! I barely walked 500 steps and that feels great. I ate food from my food bag to keep costs low and did a TON of trip planning. I looked at what realistic schedule and route I could take, all the way to Key West, Florida! Here’s the plan, in a nutshell: walk to Milford, 2 days away. Get the bike all set up, ride to Great Basin National Park to Zion to Kanab, UT. Rent a car I. Kanab and drop my bike in Flagstaff, then walk from Kanab to Flagstaff, then ride the bicycle connecting 11 National Parks from Flag to Key West, FL! Whew! I cooked dinner on my stove in front of my room and I’m relaxing. 2 back to back long mileage days tomorrow and Saturday. The journey continues!

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