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Day 128: 11/29/17 The Old Boulder Mail Trail

Miles: 22 Steps: 48,681 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: Deer, horses, and that’s about it! Faith in Humanity: I honestly saw almost no one today, but a few people did wave to me on my first couple miles of paved road walking which was nice. It was hard to get motivated when I woke up. Felt so nice to enjoy a bed and warmth like most people do every day. The breakfast was amazing though, I think I tried one of everything: cinnamon bun, bagel with cream cheese, fruit cup, orange juice, bowl of cereal, waffle, the works. So good! I packed up and headed out a little late (maybe 9am, I forget!). I walked 3-4 miles on beautiful UT highway 12, then took Hells Backbone Road (what a great name!) before immediately passing the Boulder air strip complete with a UFO landing site written on some sort of plane wreckage. Interesting! Next up: the Boulder Mail Trail in the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. This trail was awesome. Must have crossed 4 or more canyons which was really cool. Very remote feel (didn't see a single person!), tons of walking on slickrock. It was just amazing. Felt like I was walking on Mars. I lost the trail a couple of times for a few minutes but overall it was really well marked with cairns. I camped very close to Escalante and decided to take a day off in town tomorrow. Wooo!

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