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Day 117: 11/18/17 Bears Ears National Monument: Home of Awesome!

Miles: 27 Steps: 54,838 Vertical gain: Strava Knows! Liquid consumed: 160 oz. Wildlife: Absolutely nothing! Faith in Humanity: didn’t see a single human today! Another beautiful day on Walk The Parks! I survived these rain and windstorm last night and woke up to a crisp morning. I quickly packed up and headed out. Goal for today: do as many miles as possible to ensure a somewhat early arrival at the meeting place with Naomi. My campsite morning view was absolutely beautiful and I had to take a couple photos. The beautiful campsite view continued into a beauty filled morning and afternoon! A whole day of towering red walls, canyons, and pure awesomeness. I didn’t see a single person all day today either! And it’s Saturday! And the entire trail was on the road! Very rough, remote roads though, so that’s probably why. Ended up making 27 miles today which is pretty good considering how short the days are now. So calm and cool today, quite the contrast to yesterday’s insane winds! I’m going to be in my 8th National Park tomorrow: Canyonlands! So excited! I really love it there and can’t wait to visit again, this time walking over 2,000 miles to get there!!!!

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