Day 108: 11/9/17  Kokopelli Trail Day 3: Westwater to Near Cisco Landing

Miles: 18.9 Steps: 40,489 Vertical gain: 886 feet Liquid consumed: 136 oz. Wildlife: Prong horns, cattle, lizards Another great day along the Kokopelli Trail! Started off with Tara and I on this beautiful section of trail overlooking a large canyon. We switched to a dirt road fairly quickly and were on the plateau. Things were still looking pretty cool though: lots of neat rick formations and such. Next goal: find buried treasure! Water that is! The area looked quite a bit different than when we buried it a few days ago. As we approached we were a bit uncertain of which tree was which. Luckily we solved the puzzle rather quickly and took a long break enjoying our new water. I wanted to test out my water carrying system so I decided to fill up 3 full gallons into my water containers and place it in my pack. That’s 24 pounds of just water! My pack was definitely heavy but everything worked as intended. We had a bit of paved road walking which was a bit hard on Tara’s feet and not the most scenic, but that was fairly short lived. Soon, we were back on dirt roads and while the scenery wasn’t dramatic, it was beautiful. The way the tan grass caught the sun was beautiful. The open terrain made us think we were in African Savannah. Hopefully a lion doesn’t come! We got pretty close to the Cisco Landing Boat Launch and setup camp. Lots of lightly colored, smooth, enormous rocks surrounded us. The desert is crazy. Another beautiful sunset, and amazingly bright Milky Way stars and we were off to bed.


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