Day 85: 10/17/17

Miles: 19 Steps: 37,057 Vertical gain: 767 ft. Liquid consumed: 104 oz. Wildlife: Cattle, horses Faith in Humanity: Ranger David Nighteagle is hosting me at him and his wife’s house and they’re amazing! Thanks so much fir everything! A great day today. A bit slow paced to start: I slept in a bit, then slowly woke up. Not in a huge rush to push miles today so it felt nice. I missed my first turn onto a trail but it didn’t matter and in fact worked out for the best as the flat dirt road eventually connected to the highway further along. Had good shoulders the entire day today and relatively low traffic which was great! Made my way into Mancos and was proud of myself that I went to the grocery store and skipped the restaurants to save money. I can’t do it all the time, but sometimes I need to resist the temptation towns provide. This is a looooong trip! Outside the grocery store I hung out at the picnic table for a while. A police car care in and parked near me and stayed there quite a while. When I left I waved but the officer didn’t wave back... I’m really nice!!! Oh well... Next I hiked to the entrance of Mesa Verde National Park!!!! I didn’t enter the park, however, as I am staying with David Nighteagle, a really cool, interesting gentleman who lives 2 miles from the park. He’s a ranger in the park, a contractor, a successful flute player, and a genuinely cool guy! I was walking the 2 miles to his house and a younger solo female stopped in her truck and asked if I wanted a ride. I said no, then she’s like: are you sure, I’m more than happy to give you one. Doesn’t really affect my human powered line so I hopped in. Thanks for the ride!!! I really enjoyed socializing with David and his wife Sherry. Easy to talk to, intelligent and cool! They cooked up a very tasty chicken dinner with some cheesy potatoes and asparagus! Soooo good! Thy live in a really cool house David built himself, have 3 very friendly dogs, and a cat (it’s some type of leopard, not a normal house cat.). Since David and Sherry need to go to Durango early tomorrow we’ve devised a plan for me in the park: David has written me a letter to give to a bus driver that I will attempt to meet (she doesn’t know this) at 6:30am tomorrow. I will give her the letter and hopefully all of my dreams will come true in terms of rides and tours within the park. Really hoping things come true. If not, I’ll just ask at the visitors center for a ride. I’m hoping option A works out since it sounds so fun and I have a letter and all! Thanks so much again for the hospitality, such a great night!


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