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Day 81: 10/13/17  Hwy 160: Piedra to Bayfield

Miles: 21 Steps: 42,868 Vertical gain: 1,357 ft. Liquid consumed: 120 oz. Wildlife: roadkill deer smelling horrid, rabbit, squirrels, about 2,500 sheep right next door to the campground Faith in Humanity: people at the campground were super nice and friendly! Nights are long now, especially when you stop 3 or more hours before sunset because there’s no other public land to camp on. In some ways it’s great: more time for reading, to look over maps, Plan my future route, etc. in other ways you certainly end up spending a lot of time in a sleeping bag. Totally all good if you don’t get cold which I haven’t been. Overall I enjoy the change, am excited to read and plan out things a bit more. Another day on the road! Today the road dragged a bit. Shoulders were pretty good most of the day, but certainly had to get a bit close to the vehicles anytime there were guardrails which isn’t ideal. There were some State Troopers all up and down where I walked today, pulling people over for speeding or whatnot. Some exciting entertainment on my walk I guess! I was wishing I could listen to music on today’s hike but I really didn’t think it was appropriate given the high traffic. So on I walked, I took a break for a while, then walked some more. Pretty typical stuff, haha. It’s a bit awkward to take breaks on a paved road with fenced private property on both sides (which is quite common). No bathrooms, you’re just out and exposed for the most part. The whole thing is Something most people will likely never experience I suppose... I went straight to subway in Bayfield. Grab some veggies on my turkey sub. I tried to start a conversation with a couple people but kind of failed. Oh well. I hung out fir a while then headed the final .5 to the campground. I was all excited since there was a bike path off the busy road. Then it ended. Quickly. And dumped me out at the busiest part of the road with small shoulders. Haha, all I’m a day here at Walk The Parks. There were easily 2,000 sheep right next door to the campground. When I asked about a grocery store: oh it’s a lot faster walking if you cut through the sheep! It was cool to see so many. They all just ran away as I got close. Pretty cool, regardless. Got to camp alone in the middle of a big field. No one else seemed to even use the bathrooms even though there were tons of RVs. I feel like they must smell so bad, and be a pain to clean, those toilets in RVs, but who knows. Pretty sure I’d use the bathroom at the RV park but what do I know? I stayed up really late, feeling like I’m not doing enough to meet my goals of connecting with media and schools. I sent out a request for help and a couple people actually replied! I’m lucky. Anyway I don’t want to ramble too horribly much. Not a bad day. Road walking sure does have its challenges though!

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