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Day 63: 9/25/17 25 Miles on the Rainbow Trail And lots of burn area

Miles: 25 Steps: 55,505 Vertical gain: 5,995 feet Liquid consumed: 128 oz. Wildlife: squirrels, birds, heard an owl, really not much though Faith in Humanity: didn’t see a single soul all day long! It threatened rain again so incredibly hard today but hasn’t rained a drop. Overcast nearly the whole day really had me thinking I was going to get wet. End result: in dry! The forecast does however seem to get more and more ominous as the days progress so we shall see what tomorrow brings. Total burn area from a fire that apparently occurred last year for the first 15 or more miles of the hike today. Kind of glad for the overcast no rain day! Otherwise that hike could be miserable on a super sunny or rainy day. I’m really surprised how good Trail condition is given the fire occurred last summer! That said, there were certainly some sketchy sections today. Mostly some of the creeks have eroded like crazy. The trail sometimes just leads to an overhanging 10 foot drop off! Adventurous to find a way around. There were a few challenging blow downs too. I hurt my thumb trying to climb over one, think I hyperextended it. I can bend it though so not broke which is good! Didn’t see a single person today. Makes sense in the crazy burn area but not really afterwards, given I have LTE phone service? Who knows? Why is it some nights I can barely keep my eyes open last sunset and others I’m wide awake past 10 or 11, regardless of total miles for the day? I have no clue! It’s so quiet at my camp. Hear a lob drop kind of quiet. Ok I have nothing else to say I don’t think.

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