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Day 59: 9/21/17 10 Miles From Princeton Hot Springs (who cares about the Springs, there’s a store!)

Miles: 24 Steps: 52,033 Vertical gain: Strava knows! Liquid consumed: 134 oz Wildlife: squirrels, chipmunks, that’s about it today. Faith in Humanity: I made a friend and he offered to host me in Michigan and maybe more! Thanks so much Alex, and congrats on getting in to PT school! Also met a cool couple at dusk who moved from Indiana to CO to enjoy the beautiful mountains. Good call! You know, I told myself “Self, you should wake up real early and get moving”. What did I actually do? Wake up fairly early but kind of get a late start. Oh well! (Great story, I know, thanks!!!) Today was another day of up a big hill, then down a big hill. Up a big hill, down a big hill. Didn’t get particularly high though, high points were right around 12,000 feet. Funny to describe that as “not that high” but by CO standards that’s not above treeline (most places). Kind of nice to enjoy a few days walking in the woods though, I don’t mind one bit! Beautiful cloudless day too! Not long into the day I met Alex who was out for a section hike of the CT. We hit it right off and ended up spending several hours hiking together and taking breaks together. I was really interested to learn about his job where he took recovering addicts into the wilderness for up to 90 days at a time in Southwest Utah. Really cool to learn about. We talked about a bunch. We really enjoyed each other’s company but in the end we were on different schedules. And he turned on his phone and got an email telling him he was accepted to PT school. Kind of random I’d be there for it, but I’m super happy for him: Congrats! I really hope our paths cross again. After I left it was another 2,000+ foot climb then back down the other side. Really pretty with views of 14ers I’ve previously summited. Cool to see them at a different angle. What next! More walking then it got dark and I kind of choose a poor campsite. Oh well! Haha, I feel like this entry is fairly boring. I woke up I hiked, I met another Hiker, I hiked some more, then I set up camp... pretty much my life!

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