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Day 57: 9/19/17 Another fantastic productive day off in Aspen area

Miles: 0 Steps: 2,479 Vertical gain: 0 Liquid consumed: 128 oz Wildlife: Humans! Faith in Humanity: So many people showed up to have a couple beers and offered amazing support. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!! Seems I’m move of a day off taker than a hiker lately! Totally fine with this! Very productive day, did more web site improvements, got my sweet camera stabilizer thing, and then: a party at the brewery! The party was so amazing! I figured only a couple people would show up but there were easily 20! So fun to talk about my trip and see everyone! So much kindness and generosity too! I received several gift cards and 7 dehydrated meals! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I am the luckiest person in the world, I swear! Beth, Matt, and a Phil stayed the latest. I ate this amazing fried chicken and bacon and cheese sandwich and it was delightful! When I got home I saw a message that I had a ride to Twin Lajrs in the morning and back to the trail from Sue! Thank you so much!

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