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Day 31: 8/24/17 Made it to Colorado!  A beautiful full month in Wyoming!

Miles: 26 Steps: 54,519 Vertical gain: Strava knows! Liquid consumed: 135 oz Wildlife: 2nd full day of no cows! That's amazing! Chipmunks, squirrels, birds Faith in Humanity: chatted briefly with a really nice gentleman on a four wheeler about how beautiful the area is! 31 days of Walk The Parks! Crazy! I also spent one full month in Wyoming. Crossing the imaginary line into CO was certainly the geographic highlight of the day. The border was maybe 7 miles into my day. There was quite a display of leave maximum trace including 2 license plates(one CO, one WY, naturally), a "Wyoming State Line" sign, and a bunch of white rocks with a line with CO on one side and WY on the other. Why not, I guess! The CDT is a trail heavily focused on imaginary lines, with the Continental Divide being its main focus. I gave a little thought to how much is humans value imaginary lines and it's kind of astonishing: property lines, county lines, state lines and international borders. Anyone's life could be so drastically different if they were born on the other side of these lines. Anyway, I think it's interesting. Next up I hiked a few miles and I was walking into a storm. I took a break and waited for it to pass. Kind of nice to do some reading and take it easy for a bit. The thunder stopped, so I started. The trail has really followed the Divide closest these past few days and though I'm currently a bit away from it, I'll be right back walking high atop a ridge along the Divide tomorrow. Pretty cool. As soon as the trail entered CO conditions improved. Better tread, more chainsawed blowdowns, etc. I wondered why this was?? The WY trail was only a couple of miles away. More money in CO, better funding, more dedicated volunteers to do trail work? I'm not sure. I must say, I really loved Wyoming! The lack of population density makes for outstanding views and experiences with nature. Sure there are lots of roads, but mostly unused dirt roads. And the Wind River Range was just astounding, so glad to have gone! Yellowstone, Tetons, and Gros Ventre Wilderness were also incredible. And the Great Divide Basin was really cool too. Haha, apparently I loved it all! And I truly did! Excited to see what tomorrow will bring!!!

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