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Day 19 8/12/17 South Pass City, WY and the Adventure Race World Championship!

Miles: 21 Steps: 43,694 Vertical gain: 3,685 Liquid consumed: 164 oz Wildlife: Birds with loud squawks, big ants crawling on me during a break, super close deer in campground,horses, dogs Faith in Humanity: I mean, just learning that the Adventure Race World Championship exists is reinforcing the faith! But the amazing humans associated with the race? And the amazing South Pass City employees? La la land dream world with sugar on top! I ran into some of the adventure races at 7pm or so last night on the trail. I thought "how cool there's an adventure race right now around here." Unsurprisingly they weren't eager to chat, in full and exhausted race mode. Turns out these were some of the leaders of the race. Next, at 3am last night,I hear "A la Derecha!" To the right, in Spanish. Four headlamps take turns pointing their bright lamps at my head. Kind of funny. Adventure race! Fast forward to this morning, on the trail at 6:30, a beautiful combination of sage brush high desert, small mountains to cross with beautiful trees, and then the vast open sage brush desert. Very threatening thunderstorms when I reached the end of my 19 mile trek to South Pass city. I waited a while in the shade for the storm to get a little bit ahead of me. Another adventure team passed me and I asked if they were going to South Pass city. They had a clue rather than a location, but I knew it had to be the same place. The final stretch into South Pass City, the first incorporated town in Wyoming, now a ghost town owned by the State and kind of a museum old west town replica for $2 a head, is actually a sage bush cross country route too, which makes things confusing and interesting! I met another hiker, completing his triple crown, Rob, when I went to the General store to retrieve my package of food I'd mailed to myself from Jackson. There was a very nice woman working inside who helped me out with my box, and sold me a root beer and ice cream sandwich! Mmmm, thank you! Next I chatted up some of the adventure race people up who are using WiFi. The highlight of my whole day was chatting with Chelsea on the front porch of the "town." She was easy to talk to, smart, very active and athletic, stunningly beautiful, and taught me how to edit my photos on my phone better. Thank you for brightening my day! Another woman whose name I forget sadly whose husband was in the race and she was sleeping in the am last night when a mouse somehow got in. She was a painter from Dallas and very fun to chat with. And how could you forget Ducky and Little Ant, 2 PCT hikers from last year who brought soft, perfect brownies, and a beer. Absolutely amazing couple who have lived on the road for the past 7 years! Thank you!!!!! Racers are still coming in throughout the night. Ahh, how could life get any better? So excited for what tomorrow may bring!

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