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April 2020 Walk The Parks Update

Well, the world sure has changed a lot over the past month, hasn't it? At this point almost all of the major trail organizations have strongly encouraged hikers to postpone or cancel their long-distance hikes altogether. At first, I was quite hopeful that I could just delay my hike a little bit, but now I'm a bit concerned and the most likely scenario, unless I am laid off from my job, is to delay Walk The Parks until April of 2021. It's tough for me to type that. It's possible that things could change: I mean, think of all the change that has occurred in the world over the last few weeks... There could be more change to come...

I'm going to remain optimistic and take this time to save $$$. To be honest, my financial position is not the strongest at the moment, so making additional money will be highly advantageous. I'm also using my time to gain fitness (I gained quite a bit of weight this winter, haha), as well as work on all aspects of Walk The Parks. While I've been extremely successful in some aspects of the project, including visiting 30 National Parks and completing 10,0000 human powered miles since July 2017, some of my other goals haven't been as successful. I'm hoping that if I stay focused and keep chipping away at all of my goals, I'll be able to complete them and take Walk The Parks to the next level, whatever that turns out to be.

I'm staying 100% committed to the project and look forward to continuing when I can. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through these challenging times!

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