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7/18/18 Day 360 AT Day 119 Great Barrington, MA to trail and right back to town

Miles: 9.2 Steps: 24,737 Elevation Gain: 811 feet Welp, tried to go back to the trail today and ended up needing to see a doctor! Not the best day, but still a good day. My irritation on my leg hadn’t gotten better. In fact, it looked worse, but I thought I might as well hit the trail, didn’t seem too bad. I hiked and I really could feel the irritation on my leg. I examined it a bit more closely and thought it may be some sort of infection. I debated my options, talked to a couple friends on the phone and ultimately decided I needed to go get something for it. I walked back to town and went to a pharmacy. The pharmacist took one look and said: you need to go to the ER immediately! Wow, really? That’s not good. I googled a free clinic in town (extremely surprised) and of course today was the one day that all of the doctors were at a meeting. Oh well, they were really nice. The nurse there encouraged me to get immediate treatment somewhere else. Next up, they called a cab for me to go to another clinic, 25 miles away. $62 later and I arrive, pay over $200 to see a doctor who spends like 3 minutes with me. He draws a line with a pen around the irritation area, asks me to watch if it grows, and prescribed some very strong poison ivy medicine and antibiotics as it’s infected. Thanks! I found s $35 Uber back to Great Barrington and a hotel. Next plan was to take a full day off, rest, and take my meds before hitting the trail again. A bit frustrating as everything is pretty expensive in this town, but sometimes you need to go to the Doctor and this was for sure one of those times! Hope I heal up soon, I really want to hike!

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