7/17/18 Day 359 AT Day 118 Riga Shelter  to Great Barrington, MA

Miles: 10.6 Steps: 27,006 Elevation Gain: 2,736 feet Well, an interesting day today. First up was steeply climbing then immediately descending 3 mountains. Up, up, up, down down down. There was quite a bit of rain in the forecast so I was relieved to escape the last peak and come down just before the rain hit! I crossed into Massachusetts! The 16th state of Walk The Parks! Very, very nice! The border was in this really cool ravine, too. My day of hiking ended fairly early today. I came upon a picnic table with a bunch of water and Gatorade’s for thru hikers to take (thank you, that’s amazing!) and a couple from England in their van. They offered me a ride into town and I took it! I spent the night in the expensive town of Great Barrington. I noticed a big red irritation on the back of my leg. Didn’t look horrible but really didn’t look that great, either. Hmmm...

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