7/16/18 Day 358 AT Day 117 Silver Hill Camp to Riga Shelter Hot and Hilly!

Miles: 27.7 Steps: 62,814 Elevation Gain: 6,563 feet Wow, another super hot 90 degree day with high humidity and no wind and lots of bugs. An extremely challenging day too, with tons of climbs. Woke up early and was on the trail by 6am. Quickly the theme of the day presented itself: climb up, climb down. To be honest, I’ve missed this aspect of the AT: West Virginia through NY Durant have tons of climbs like the rest of the trail. That said, could have skipped the 90 degree heat and very high humidity. Just crazy conditions all day long to hike in! Passed the 1,500 mile mark of the AT, that’s exciting! The last hill just dragged on as the sun was setting. I was debating whether or not I could physically handle the challenge and even called a hostel to stay in town but no one answered, so up I went... I’ve been so tired but also slept poorly the last few nights. Usually I’m out like a rock, must be the heat and humidity. Rain forecast for tomorrow. But also technical descents apparently: not always the best combo but should be adventurous! Good times in the world.

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