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7/15/18 Day 357 AT Day 116 Wiley Shelter to Silver Hill Camp SO HUMID!

Miles: 26.2 Steps: 56,112 Elevation Gain: 5,506 feet Dang, the humidity was insane today! Shirt totally drenched and could be wrung out even, so much chafing, so freaking torturous! Still a good day though. Still in nature, though today definitely had its challenges! Bugs were absolutely horrendous on a few of the miles as well! Great positive note: my friend from high school Jeff Mahoney came out and hiked with me for a while unannounced. I was climbing a hill and I saw a familiar face but couldn’t quite place it. He introduced himself and we hiked for a couple of hours together. Great to catch up and thanks for hanging out! Today was just brutal, but I kept going. And going. And going. Hot, sweaty, torturous, but still going! I dreamed of another cheeseburger but thought it was unrealistic. Then, at the bottom of a mountain a nice guy named Tinker Bell had his truck set up! Cheeseburger, cookies, all sorts of drinks. Thank you so much, what an amazing surprise for the afternoon! Get surprised out here on the AT with so much food! I swam in the river and walked the final miles to camp. Painful to sit with all the chafing! I ate a huge meal and went to bed.

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