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7/9/18 Day 351 AT Day 111 Crazy Coyote Noise Camp to a road not very far away.

Miles: 1.5

Steps: 5,182

Elevation Gain: 223 Feet

Another interesting day on the Appalachian Trail and Walk the Parks. Slept in pretty late today after the excitement from yesterday. Murph really wasn’t feeling too well, so I stayed in camp with her for quite a while.

We started hiking and it was decided that she needed to get off the trail and rest for a bit. I went with her, so we called a Lyft from the road and were whisked off into a nearby town. We failed at finding a free place to stay, but did find a pharmacy, had some great tasty pizza, and found a reasonably priced hotel to stay at for Murph to rest a bit. We hung out in the hotel, ate some ice cream, and laughed at some episodes of the Office on TV.

My good friend Bernard is coming to get me tomorrow morning and take me to my parents house for a couple of days.

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