7/12/18 Day 354 AT Day 113 Back on the Trail!!! Canopus Hill Rd to RPH Shelter

Miles: 14.3 Steps: 32,581 Elevation Gain: 2,948 feet Another great day! I woke up in the comfort of a bed and started right in on my laptop. Sending emails, trying to figure out how on earth I can finance the rest of this huge journey. I have faith I can do it, but it’s certainly going to be a challenge! Bernard, one of my best friends dating back to high school picked me up after noon and we headed downstate. We had some great conversation about his career as a pilot, my life on the trail and a bunch of other topics. I really enjoy Bernard’s perspective as he really tries to hear the multiplier sides of many issues rather than taking a risk god stance on complex issues like many tend to do. Love ya, Bernard, thanks for the ride and being such a great friend for so long! I hit the trail just before 3pm. Heat of the day for a bit, then it started to cool down as afternoon turned to evening. Lots of short ups and downs but nothing lasted too long. Really enjoyed the hiking today. Some criticize the AT for its tunnel effect created by the near-constant tree cover, but I look at it more like a magical muster tour through a huge enchanted forest. It’s so different and unique everywhere you turn, just quite a bit more subtle than the Western US, for example. I made it about 14 miles to RPH Shelter as the sun was setting. Turns out there’s a 3 day BBQ starting tomorrow with some accompanying trail volunteer work. I’m going to stay and volunteer for sure. So excited! There’s a really cool guy named Chich here who thru hiked in 1985 who is quite the character! Super talkative, upbeat, loves chatting about everything Hiker related. Hell yeah, Chuck! You’re the man!

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