7/10/18 Day 352 AT Day 112 A Day off at the Parent's house with a laptop and a car

Miles: 0

Steps: 9,532

Elevation Gain: 0

My friend came and picked me up pretty early. Murph was feeling a bit better and headed back to the trail by herself. I hope to see her again soon.

Bernard is one of my very best friends all the way back to elementary school. He’s now a pilot based out of NYC. I was thinking of visiting him in the city but he quickly stated that he was headed upstate and would be happy to pick me up. Without thinking or hesitating, I went ahead and said yes. There are a few things I really need to use a laptop to update my website, etc., so this seemed like a great opportunity. As soon as I got in the car I felt a bit weird though: why was I doing this, and I wanted to spend time with Murph, too…

Too late now, so off I’m whisked to the area of Upstate, NY I grew up in (or close anyway, where my parents live now is a couple of towns over). I quickly hopped in my car and attacked a long list of errands. Buy trekking poles, sleeping pad, do some grocery shopping, clean my sleeping bag, buy Murph a couple of items she needs, update website, etc. etc. etc.

Great to see my Mom and Stepdad. Ate a lovely dinner of Salmon, Macaroni Salad, and Corn on the cob with them. I stayed up pretty late on my laptop; writing, updating, brainstorming, lots of -ing words.


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