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7/5/18 Day 347 AT Day 107 Unionville, NY to Stealth Camp Spot

Miles: 16.3

Steps: 34,719

Elevation Gain: 3,121 feet

Another great day of hiking. Christina was kind enough to bring Murph and I back to the trail in the morning. Of course, rather than hike immediately we went to the general store and hung out for a bit. There was a nice porch to sit on and enjoy a quick snack.

Eventually, we did leave and start hiking the good ol’ Appalachian Trail. Another hot day, unsurprisingly. The heat really bothered me today. I’ve been kind of amazed at how well I’ve been coping with the heat, focusing on hydrating and eating salty foods, but still, sometimes I’m not too good in the heat. Today I felt a bit dizzy and very slow at points, slowing down to a crawl for a bit. I pushed through though, and we made it a respectable 16 miles or so.

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