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7/4/18 Day 346 AT Day 106 The most amazing 4th of July with Doug, Christina, and Murph

Miles: 0

Steps: 9,843

Elevation Gain: 0

Wow, what an independence day! Happy birthday, America!

Well, I think we redefined “sleep in as late as you want” for Doug and Christina. Oops. Felt amazing to catch up on sleep though. We ate a late breakfast of very tasty french toast and bacon, mmmm!

First super patriotic activity? Going to City Hall to hear the Declaration of Independence read aloud. Pretty cool. I hate to be so mocking, but there was one guy who stumbled over his words quite a bit and Murph and I found this to be quite humorous for some reason. Reading aloud in front of groups is certainly tough though, sorry we found it funny! There were tasty refreshments afterwards and I had a bagel with a ton of cream cheese: so good!

Next patriotic activity? Having beers by the river in a park on the Hudson River (actually an estuary at this point). We even saw a bald eagle, what’s more ‘merica than that?

Next we went to George Washington’s headquarters, got a tour from a very “interesting” and well rehearsed no-nonsense tour guide. There were even ray guns on the ceiling of each room (or something!). Very cool collection of items from that era in the museum, I enjoyed that. Also really liked the free birthday cake ice cream, and it was just a cool activity in general I’d likely not do on my own.

Next we ate at a diner which was quite tasty. So many activities today, kind of crazy!

It must stop there, right? Nope! Next up was a BBQ hosted by Doug’s neighbors, then we went to a beautiful loft apartment with a huge rooftop deck to watch fireworks. The fireworks were all around us. Great hosts there too; friendly and gave me a bunch of tips on how to improve my social media. What an awesome experience. We stayed pretty late and walked home with Christina.

Thank you so much for everything Doug and Christina, you rock! What a 4th to have near the Appalachian Trail!

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