7/2/18 Day 344 AT Day 104 Branchville, NJ to High Point State Park

Miles: 15

Steps: 31,927

Elevation Gain: 2,337

Wow, today was HOT! Too hot, really. Temperatures in the high 90s and humid means sweating and Heat Index values well over 100 degrees. Really need to be careful in these temperatures.

We got a ride from a very nice gentleman who worked at the campground back to the trail! Thank you so much, kind sir! At the trail we took a break for a minute and really debated if we were crazy to be on the trail. Murph was still feeling a bit ill, so maybe not? We decided to push on.

Oh my word, how to describe the heat? Absolutely crazy! Drinking so much water, going a bit slow, hoping for the best. The shade was hot, the sun was hotter, but onward we went.

We did get to take a nice break in a large open pavilion at the summit of a mountain which was pretty fantastic! Just hoping for a little more relief from the heat tomorrow!

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