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7/1/18 Day 343 AT Day 103 Adventure in and near Branchville , NJ

Miles: 0 ish Steps: 6,698 Elevation Gain: 0ish feet Another amazing day traveling. We loved the AC and the humorous factor of the creepy, dirty hotel room, but Murph wasn’t feeling too good and the temps were again approaching 100 and humid with a high heat advisory in effect. So, what to do? First we walked to the grocery store about a mile away. A nice guy picked us up and gave us a ride the last .2 mile which was nice, though a bit funny due to the fact that it took longer to load our packs than to actually drive to the destination. We bought food then we noticed a pizza place next door with all you can eat pizza, garlic knots and a can of soda for $6.95! Yup! We sat and gorged ourselves and sat some more. Eventually we moved another half mile to Jumboland Diner and had some Italian Ice, trying to decide what to do in the sweltering heat. We couldn’t give the disgusting hotel more money even though it was cheap, but we found a campground that actually looked pretty cool, and headed there. Pretty cool translated to super hilarious and hot! At least it was inexpensive though. The people working were super nice and friendly and chatty. The pool reeked strongly of sewage. We went in anyway and it was a nice, though brief, escape from the heat. Next up? Paddle boating. Looked like one just needed to be bailed out so I spent 10 minutes or so bailing then realized everything about the boat was broken. Murph and I laughed pretty hysterically at this. Extremely hysterically. Good times. Eventually the other boat was available and we took a cruise around the pond. Rest of the day consisted of mostly sitting in the air conditioning in the lobby and hanging out before retiring to the hot campsite. We both regretted not spending a bit more money for a hotel, but agreed the hilarity of the place balanced that out a bit too. Murph was still having some digestive issues so it was a good call to take a day off, not to mention the 100+ temps and high humidity.

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