6/26/18 Day 338 AT Day 98 George Outerbridge Shelter to Palmerton, PA Bert’s Steakhouse Hostel

Miles: .8 Steps: 10,452 Elevation Gain: 20 feet Today I was going to move! I had been here for almost 3 full days healing an injury and I was pretty set on at least moving some and seeing how the foot feels. I’m pretty worried I have a stress fracture in my right foot, but am I just being paranoid? Am I being ridiculous? My foot hurt a bit on the hill down to the road. At the road I met Olive’s Human, who works at a hiker hostel in town. I liked his trail name because his dogs name is Olive. Olive is a sweet black lab and people focus more on her than her owner, thus the name. Palmerton was pretty sweet. There was a full service restaurant directly attached to the hostel, and a bunch of restaurants and a grocery store, drug store, etc: pretty much everything a hiker needs. I hung out with Stump much of the day. We got some Chinese food for dinner and played pool in the restaurant then went back to the hostel and watched Forest Gump. That movie has had such an incredible impact on popular culture: “Run Forest, Run”, “Jenny”, “Life is like a box of chocolates” and more is so ingrained in our culture. Interesting. Oh, and the hostel had glorious air conditioning! So so very nice!

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