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6/25/18 Day 337 AT Day 97 George Outerbridge Shelter to another day off in the woods!

Miles: 0 Steps: 3,231 Elevation Gain: 0 feet Well, I took another full day off. This place isn’t bad. I have good cell phone service, it’s really green and pretty and I still have plenty of food! I watched a documentary about Karl Meltzer breaking the Appalachian Trail speed record, read a ton, caught up on journals, gave some thought into what I need to do to make Walk The Parks happen and more successful, ate food and relaxed. Really hope this foot heals up! Later in the day my friend Stump passed by and she stopped to chat for a while. The two of us are quite chatty, so that lasted a longer while. Next, Murph came and she brought some amazing treasures to share: a soda and 3 Musketeers bar from some trail magic she had passed a few miles ago. Thank you so much! We had a rare fire this evening! Typically fires don’t occur as folks are tired and it’s hot and exhaustion outweighs the warmth and comradery a fire provides. With my two plus days off I had plenty of energy to gather some wood and start the fire. A few of us engaged the fire circle together as day turned to night before retiring to our shelters.

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