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6/24/18 Day 336 AT Day 96 George Outerbridge Shelter to Nowhere: Zero day in the woods!!!

Miles: 0 Steps: 128 Elevation Gain: 0 feet Well, I decided to zero in the woods today. I still have a bit of foot pain in my right foot so I decided to just take a day off! Did about as close to nothing as possible. I did use my phone a bunch, did a ton of research, watched a little Netflix, read a whole bunch, ate some food, but mostly just rested. I’m a bit scared I have a stress fracture... I really hope I don’t, but I might. That’ll be frustrating and for sure force me off the trail for a while... there’s a larger town about 37 miles away, guess I’ll start making progress towards there tomorrow. Ahh, I really hope I’m wrong!

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