6/23/18 Day 335 AT Day 95 Bake Oven Knob Shelter to George Outerbridge Shelter

Miles: 7.4 Steps: 15,804 Elevation Gain: 885 feet Another great day! I woke up and debated taking a full day off. Feeling a bit of pain in my right foot the last couple of days and don’t want it to get worse. Also, it was raining and seemed much nicer to just laze in my tent. Was today another day I’d get a super late start then finish near dusk? Not what I wanted. Eventually the rain stopped and I packed up, but decided I’d only go 7 miles to the next shelter. I have PLENTY of food, so why not take it easy? Hike today was pretty mellow. Met some nice folks from around the area who seemed interested in my trip which was cool. I was in my tent by 2 pm I think! Feels great. Catching up on some writing, planning the future, doing some writing. Very happy I did this today. I’d like to try to do this more for the rest of the trip to save money, but we shall see how things go!

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