6/22/18 Day 334 AT Day 94: Eckville Shelter to Bake Oven Knob Shelter

Miles: 18.6 Steps: 39,453 Elevation Gain: 2,523 feet Another absolutely fantastic day! A late start again today. I’ve been tired since doing the 30 mile day then getting minimal sleep at the pavilion then getting a really late start yesterday. I was thinking it’d be a good idea today to wake up early, but that didn’t happen. Probably because I stayed up talking to Stump until pretty late! I hung out and chatted with other hikers for quite a while. I showed them the absurd quantity of food I had and it was quite humorous all around. I noticed someone left their trekking poles and went down to ask stump if the poles were hers? Nope, but maybe I’d like some cherries and blueberries and Cheetos! Her family member came out to visit and brought all of these fantastic items. Thank you so much for sharing! You’re awesome, I hope our paths cross again soon! I finally got started around 11:30am, to deliver trekking poles 18 miles down the trail. Not a bad hike today at all. It was supposed to rain but that didn’t really happen until the middle of the night which is always nice! Slow moving today but most of the terrain was pretty mellow with some rick scramble sections thrown in, as is the norm here in PA. There was one famous section today, the “Knife Edge.” Really was a cool tick scramble lasting 100 yards or so. Fun times! I made it to the shelter after one final mini scramble to the top of Bake Oven Knob and a nice peaceful solo camping experience atop the ridge. Trekking poles successfully delivered to Shirt Pants.


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