6/17/18 Day 329 AT Day 91:  Rest day in Duncannon, PA

Miles: 1.4 Steps: 3,880 Elevation Gain: 0 feet A great rest day! Ate some super cheap breakfast, paid for another night at the $25 hotel (which, by the way, only allows hikers. It’d be a scary place I think if they allowed anyone to sleep there...). I had a really productive day off relaxing, reading, catching up on my journals, etc. I received some fantastic text messages around 4:30pm from my friends Rex and Makin’ It: would I be ready in 10 minutes to be picked up, bought a bacon cheeseburger and a milkshake, and brought back? What???? So amazing! Big shout out to their friend Mel for providing this amazing trail magic: so tasty. It was this cool drive in place that’s been an institution around the area for quite some time. So awesome! Back in my room I continued to be productive and most importantly: rest. It was a really hot day and I was on the 4th floor with no A/C but it really wasn’t so bad with the fan on, cranked, and pointed directly at me. Watched Pitch Perfect a bit later which was pretty funny. Back to hiking in the morning...

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