6/12/18 Day 324 AT Day 85:  Pennsylvania Border to Trail Magic House!!!

Miles: 18.4 Steps: 39,034 Elevation Gain: 2,873 feet Another incredible day out here on the woods. I woke up pretty early and hit the trail, as usual. It’s funny how repetitive the lifestyle is out here, but it’s also oh so very good! Each day you make a little bit of progress towards the goal, get a great workout, and typically hang out with and meet amazing people! Today was no exception! Pushed a bit today and tried to see how fast I could hike for a bit. Kind of a nice way to vary things up a bit. I took a break at a place with two shelters: one for snorers and one for non snorers. They sure do have a lot of money to be building these! A few miles later I cane to a road crossing and several hikers. There was trail magic! Snacks, ice cold juices, oh my! There was also a MENU(!!) and directions to a house with free camping, dinner, and breakfast. What? I’m going! Amazingly, every hiker except Wallaby didn’t want to go since it was early afternoon. We walked down the road and arrived to find ice cold lemonade and water, an empty house and a yard to camp in and outlets to plug electronics. Nice! I dried out my things. An incredible dinner of lasagna was served with mountains of garlic bread and peas. Delightful! So much food!!!! Also, dessert of strawberry shortcake and then ice cream. Too much but my god it was amazingly good! Nice fire to end the evening!

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