6/11/18 Day 323 AT Day 84: Pine Knob Shelter to Pennsylvania!

Miles: 23.8 Steps: 45,323 Elevation Gain: 3,726 feet Just cranking through the states now! Pretty easy given that W. Virginia only had 8 or so Trail miles and Maryland has about 40. I’ll be in PA now for over 200 though, before crossing the next imaginary line we focus so heavily on into New Jersey. The day started a bit slow. It rained hard last night and continued to rain a bit in the morning. Always a bit of a pain to deal with a wet tent, but at this point I’m pretty used to it. Murph wasn’t the happiest camper so I hung out with her and tried to help out. We hung out most of the day. We had a ton of fun, as usual, as we twisted and turned through the enchanted forest that is the Appalachian Trail. Tonight camp was just across the PA border. Nice spot by a creek (although there’s warning not to drink the water from the polluted creek, yikes!). Someone did show up and had a super excessively huge fire pretty close to my tent. Unexpected, but at least they were respectful regarding noise level.

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