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6/10/18 Day 322 AT Day 83: Ed Garvey Shelter to Pine Knob Shelter

Miles:19.6 Steps: 39,028 Elevation Gain: 3,218 feet Ahh, the never enduring series of amazing days continues! Hiked by myself most of the day. Ran into Gnome at a break spot who was great to talk to and hang out with. Also met a cool section hiker named Devin and a thru hiker from Florida named Stoic. He was interested in maybe doing some swampy adventures in Florida so we exchanged contact info. I arrived fairly early at the shelter and set up my tent. Flash flood warnings again tonight, so I selected my site carefully and staked in my tent as well as I could. Had one of the best meals on trail today: rice, refried beans, Avocado, onion, taco seasoning, hot good! Other hikers were pretty surprised at this dish as the beans were canned and avocados fresh. I loved it! I met a mother and daughter camped near me at the end of the evening. They asked me to borrow tent stakes as they had forgotten them, and it turns out it was their first ever time sleeping in a tent ever! I lent some stakes and helped them stake out the tent really well since I knew it was supposed to rain pretty hard. They were super fun to hang out with as everyone else had already gone to sleep to beat a rainstorm that didn’t come for a couple more hours... awesome meeting you ladies, thanks for hanging out and chatting! Oh, also got some amazing trail magic today! A wonderful woman brought egg bagel sandwiches with raspberry jam (INCREDIBLE!!!), two different spinach dishes (amazing), and freshly baked, still warm brownies!!! What? Thank you so much for your hospitality!!!!

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