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6/9/18 Day 321 AT Day 81: Back to Harpers Ferry, WV and into Maryland!

Miles:8.4 Steps: 22,121 Elevation Gain: 1,308 feet Another amazing day! Woke up, ate more pizza for breakfast, then headed out in our sweet minivan once again. Thanks again for the hospitality! Our errands in the minivan included sending packages, eating fast food, buying a weeks worth of groceries, and having a great time. We were successful at all 3, returned the car, and just as we returned it someone drove up and offered us (a paid) shuttle. Timing was perfect so sure why not? Back in Harpers Ferry at the ATC headquarters I of course had more ice cream before heading North again on the trail. The trail goes directly through a large part of the historical district which was pretty neat. I used a historical restroom before walking over a huge pedestrian and railroad bridge into Maryland! Super hot today, over 90 degrees and very humid. Typical east coast summer weather. The trail followed a super smooth gravel path for a few miles before taking a hard left and climbing some mountains. The shelter tonight was packed! Lots of people inside and out camping. I found a spot really far away and set up. I ended up sleeping for a bit and waking up just in time to hang my bear bag on the bear pole before darkness set in.

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