6/8/18 Day 320 AT Day 80: 4 Mile Camp Site to Harpers Ferry, WV

Miles: 3.9 Steps: 18,147 Elevation Gain: 470 feet Well, what can I say? Another truly amazing day out here on the Appalachian Trail wonderland! First up was a quick hike into town. Harpers Ferry is located in a truly spectacular spot. The confluence of two rivers, a strong point in the civil war, and honestly not really a town at all! The whole town itself is a historical park. There are all sorts of houses but it doesn’t look real. Must be a cool place to live though if you could afford it: beautiful! First stop? The Headquarters of the Appalachian Trail! The Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) oversees the whole trail, and they take your photo, you can join for a $50 donation, you can hang out, they have WiFi, and sell cheap drinks and ice cream. I had several drinks and ice cream and found my picture from my first thru hike in 2007. Cool to see myself and my hiking companion then (Oblivious/Sam). We hung out in town a while. Murph tried to get boots as she has some unusually shaped feet but sadly failed on all fronts.... we eventually decided to rent a car and drive to REI! Murph even had friends we could stay with nearby! Great adventure! We got an Uber to the rental car place, all they had was minivans (Sweet!), so off we went! Ate at this amazing Peruvian chicken restaurant that was sooooooo good! REI was successful (it was funny how long we were there), I bought a new midlayer on clearance which I’m happy about. Murph’s friends were super cool! One worked in DC and got to watch congress deliberate as part of her job: very neat! They had 2 dogs who were super super friendly. So much fun to play with two pups for a bit! They were awesome and hooked us up with showers, laundry, bought us pizza, and provided great company. Thank you so much!

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