6/7/18 Day 319 AT Day 79: Sam Moore Shelter to 4 Mile Camp Site (And out of Virginia!!!!)

Miles: 22.2 Steps: 46,788 Elevation Gain: 4,401 feet Wooo! Made it out of Virginia! Longest state along the AT, well over 500 miles of trail in the state. Talked to Gnome quite a bit today, really cool guy who was living in a boat until a hurricane ripped through and left only 2 of 300 boats at a Marina in Florida. Very cool guy, lived on a commune in TN for a bunch of years and said it was the greatest community effort he’d experienced, everyone sharing plentifully with each other. We talked about maybe exploring some National Parks in Florida when I’m around that area of the country on the trip. After the roller coaster which wasn’t so bad the trail became an extremely mellow ridge walk. Took a long break at a beautiful shelter with a swing. Ahh it’s the little things, you know? Finally made it out of Virginia! A lovely state, but there are 14 in total along the Appalachian Trail, and nearly 1/4 of the whole length is within the imaginary lines of Virginia. Awesome place, but happy to move on to West Virginia! Camped about 4 miles away from the “mental halfway point” which in my mind is a bit of an absurd concept. The true halfway point is 70 miles farther, but whatever. Good cell phone service up here to try to get some things done...


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